I’ve been doing some reading about good habit forming, and there’s a lot of consensus that you can form a good habit in 21 days. However, I’m pretty certain I haven’t got into the habit yet of Operation Threadbare. It’s still a struggle, I’m still very tempted by clothes, and I’ve been avoiding situations that would make it more difficult for me, so I’m not convinced I’m yet tackling the problem head on.

How I’ve struggled this week:

1) I’ve been having nightmares – yes really! – about Operation Threadbare. One notable dream was on Thursday night, in which I bought three new skirts from Peacock’s. I felt so guilty for buying them, but instead of returning them to the shop, I folded them up as small as they would go, and hid them inside some boots in my wardrobe. I was actually disappointed when I woke up, that it was just a dream, as they were really nice skirts. There’s a lot of truth in this dream. I actually used to work in Peacock’s, many years ago, before it rebranded and stocked fashion. It was my first Saturday job when I turned 16, so I was sad to hear of its difficulties this week. Hiding clothes is something I used to do, especially if I was in the middle of a spending spree. I would get something new home, take it quickly out of the bag and cut off the tags, then hang it innocently in my wardrobe as if it had lived there forever. My brain is obviously trying to understand the sudden change in habit I am trying to make.

2) A conversation on Twitter on Thursday with my favourite independent boutique in Lincoln – Birdy’s Boutique – made me really anxious. They were tweeting about their wonderful sale, so I’ve actually arranged to go in on Monday lunchtime with @Splodz. This is back to what I was saying earlier about avoiding particular situations where I’ll be tempted. On Monday, I’m going to face my nemesis head on, as I’m clearly not allowed to buy any clothes. Apparently they have knickers in the sale too. I’m a little obsessed with knickers at the moment, because knickers are allowed (as replacements). More about that on Monday. See the rules.

I did find another article contradicting the general consensus about the 21 day habit forming, which quotes 66 days as the optimum. You can read the article here. So I’ve got a bit if a way to go yet. I’m now three weeks into the challenge anyway, and taking it steady. Next week is payday. We’ll see how that goes.

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