Struggling to come up with a training plan for your next race? Don’t know where to start?

I can help, and have the following options available.

BASIC/ Training Plan – £19.95 A training plan ready to get started. Simply tell me your race date, your goal, and your current fitness level and I’ll send you a ready-made schedule.

BESPOKE/ £49.95 A training plan designed especially for you leading up to a specific event, including all your races leading up to it, workouts specifically tailored to you and your pace, and a regular monthly review where I’ll make any changes necessary to your plan.

PREMIUM/ £99.95 As per BESPOKE/ plus unlimited contact with me for questions, coaching advice, motivation and a weekly review plus a post event review. Basically a Running Coach in your pocket.

ADD ON/ Fully coached training sessions also available upon request.

Please get in touch if you would like some help achieving a goal by emailing or complete the form below.