Struggling to come up with a training plan for your next race? Or need some motivation to help you through training?

I can help. I don’t believe in generic training plans; every person is an individual and a training plan should reflect that. I have a few options but by far my most popular – and successful option – are my monthly coaching plans, because they enable a much more flexible approach, with plenty of two-way communication, because as an athlete you are then more committed to the training and are prepared to be flexible with your plan by listening to your body.

ULTIMATE/ Online Coaching | £50 per month

My ULTIMATE/ package has been designed so that you have a running coach in your pocket. After assessing your current training and determining a long term goal, I provide a weekly training schedule via email, but will check in with you more regularly than this to ensure we are training intelligently by listening to your body carefully. For example, if the weekly plan calls for a hard session on a particular day, but you are feeling fatigued (you might have had a big work or family event the day before), we can shift our plans around quickly and easily so they are in sync with your energy levels. Payment schedule for this is monthly (minimum 3 months), and includes unlimited online or mobile contact with me for support. Request an ULTIMATE/ coaching package here

PREMIUM/ Online Coaching | £25 per month

A monthly training plan via email, with unlimited support from me. This package still provides a lot of flexibility, and is useful if you are currently lacking in motivation and need to get started, or have a few goals you would like to achieve over a longer period of time. Payment schedule for this is monthly (minimum 3 months) and includes unlimited online or mobile contact with me for support. Request a PREMIUM/ coaching package here

PREMIUM/ Training Plan with coaching | £100

If you would prefer to make a one-off payment, and are working towards an event which is up to 16 weeks away, this package provides you with a training plan designed especially for you, PLUS unlimited access to me to answer all your questions along the way. The premium plan is for you if you need regular motivation to ensure to get out and do the training on your plan. My Premium package includes a thorough training plan, after an initial discussion, unlimited contact with me for questions, coaching advice, motivation and a regular check in plus a post event review. Request a PREMIUM/ training plan here

I also offer training plans without coaching:

BASIC/ Training Plan | £30

An 8-12 week training plan ready to get you started. Simply tell me your race date, your goal, the days you can train on, and your current fitness level and I’ll send you a schedule designed for you. No frills, no coaching, just a plan tailored to you. Request a BASIC/ training plan here

BESPOKE/ Training Plan | £50

A 12-16 week training plan designed especially for you leading up to a specific event up to marathon distance, including all your races leading up to it, workouts specifically tailored to you and your pace, and a regular monthly check in where we can discuss your progress and make any changes necessary to your plan. Request a BESPOKE/ training plan here


Fully coached 1:1 or 2:1 training sessions also available upon request. £25 per hour within a 15 mile radius of Bolton BL6 with tiered discounts available for monthly paying clients. Please email if you are interested in 1:1 coaching.

Please get in touch if you would like some help achieving a goal by emailing or complete the enquiry form here.

Please note that after initial consultation, I will send a sample of your training plan, and full payment is required in advance of receiving your full plan. Monthly payments must be made by standing order, or in advance.